Our Culture

TEAM enterprises is comprised of over 400 entrepreneurial employees with a singular focus on growing our clients' businesses. With employees in nearly every market across the country, we have the ability to use our unparalleled scale to bring all manner of consumer engagements to life in the blink of an eye. Our team is savvy, experienced, enthusiastic, and driven to perform - all leading to delivering measurable results for our clients.

And fun.

We think, if you don't enjoy talking to people and having a good time doing it, you're in the wrong business! Our networked culture is built upon a common thread of "can do." We give 110% every day. Solve problems. Create opportunities. Teach. Learn. We're connected, influential, tech-savvy, and insightful. And we laugh - a lot. But when you walk into our corporate office, it's usually pretty quiet. Don't let that calm fool you though, because powered by the smooth efficiency of our back-office operations is a teeming, bustling hive of activity, spread out in every market around the country, building brand loyalty for our clients, one engaged consumer at a time.

What We Do

Our Expertise


We are a strategic partner who can help connect you to your core consumer and trade targets. Through our ability to understand consumers, identify strategic opportunities, create concepts that resonate with them live and in the digital world, we reach them wherever they may be anywhere in the country.

No agency can match our ability to reach consumers with our speed to market and quality because of the unparalleled scale of our national infrastructure.

Founded in 1989, we operate in multiple industries (from automotive to consumer package goods) and have relationships with blue chip clients that date to the beginning of our company.

In the field, we believe "if it moves, we can measure it!" Our proprietary event management software enables us to capture, analyze, and report back information supporting ROI and justifying investment. This data is used to enhance efficiencies and serves an integral role in CRM efforts - keeping brands and consumers connected even after the initial engagement.

But at the end of the day, our product is our people. Our people are experts on the highly social young adult, because they ARE highly social young adults. We are immersed in what they do, what they crave, where they shop (and for what), and how they behave. Trends. Technology. Pop culture. And influencing consumer choices! We maintain these high standards by recruiting and retaining only the best brand ambassadors and utilizing industry-leading employee training on an ongoing basis.

We specialize in physical and digital, branded engagements which bring products to life where consumers live, work & play.


Who We Are

Our Partners


    • Dan K. Gregory
    • CEO
    • Sean M. O'Toole
    • President
    • Alexander Gonzalez
    • CFO
    • Greg Goldhaber
    • Vice President of Marketing
    • Michael Shea
    • Vice President of Creative and Planning
    • Frank Fanelli
    • Vice President of Field Services
  • Our Staff

    • James Vicente
    • Vice President Managing Field Director
    • Dan Rooney
    • Vice President of Operations
    • Jason Reece
    • Director of Information Technology
    • Mariana Munevar
    • Human Resources Director
    • Ron Williams
    • Creative Director
    • Charity Sapphire
    • Integrated Communications Coordinator
    • Craig Ducker
    • Group AccountDirector
    • Pete Rodriguez
    • Director of Field & Production
    • Courtney Wilson-Howe
    • Field OperationsManager
    • Gema Gabriela Martinez
    • Accounting Manager
    • Guillermo Galvez
    • Senior Treasury Analyst