MINI Getaways

How do we create the most incredible test-drive and take 
prospects out of the ordinary and into the world of MINI?

Create a drive-to-destination experience that allows prospects to truly discover the world of MINI through performance, education and enriching cultural entertainment.

Since it’s original launch, MINI has been a pioneer in design by creating one of the first small vehicles to max out interior spaces. Many consumers believe a MINI is too tiny for their needs and quickly write off the vehicle without giving it a second thought. 

By creating memorable motoring experiences, we have given prospects a chance to get behind the wheel of a MINI to experience just how exhilarating they are to drive.


What we did

Creative & Design
Audience Reached: 2.4M
Social Impressions: 4.6M
58% of attendees opted 
in to being contacted 
by a dealer
95% of seats filled 
for all events

MINI Getaway Los Angeles

People will forget your witty hashtag and your latest campaign,

but they will never forget how you made them feel.