5 Brands Focusing On Wellness In Unexpected Ways



The wellness movement is more than just a macro trend; it’s a macro shift in the way consumers live their lives. Brands have taken note, and it’s not just limited to those that focus on health, food, and fitness. Industries that have historically been thought of as the antithesis of wellness, be it fashion with its portrayal of unrealistic body goals, or spirits with products that provide little nutritional value, have begun to introduce offerings, experiences, and campaigns that support consumers in their mission for a more balanced and healthier life. Here are a few that are making a splash in unexpected industries and ways.

Cazadores: Bartender Boxing

If you thought bartenders only belonged behind a bar, you should see them in a boxing ring. Since 2016, Tequila Cazadores has partnered with the Bartender Boxing Organization, a non-profit that promotes health and wellness within the trade, to undergo a rigorous three-month USA Boxing-sanctioned training program and ultimately show off their chops by fighting their comrades in the ring. The program includes dietary guidance, personalized training sessions, and an educational trip to the Tequila Cazadores distillery in Mexico. This program prompted a shift in every participant’s life and some even continued training after their fights.

Saks 5th Avenue: The Wellery

Saks 5th Avenue has brought a new meaning to shopping therapy. The fashion retailer launched The Wellery, an experimental in-store concept with activities for the body, spirit and soul. Consumers could choose to participate in a guided meditation, take a fitness class, or even practice their swing on a golf simulator in between shopping sprees. Box retailers are doing everything they can to allure shoppers with unique experiences, and focusing on their customers’ well-being is a great way to build a deeper connection with them.

Mary’s Brands

Marijuana’s reputation has come a long way since the days of “Cheech and Chong” and “Dazed and Confused.” Today, the cannabis plant is praised for its healing, calming, and therapeutic properties, and the industry as a whole is expected to be worth $66B by 2025. Mary’s Brands is a company founded on the premise of spreading the global understanding, acceptance, and adoption of cannabis and other plant-based medicines through three separate lines: Mary’s Medicinals, which features THC-based products; Mary’s Nutritionals, which features CBD-based skincare, wellness, and relief products; and Mary’s Tails, its CBD line for pets. By expanding their line of products beyond the traditional, they’ve been able to impact their customers’ lives in a range of ways..

Hilton: Five Feet to Wellness

Staying fit on vacation just became easier; all you have to do is walk five feet. Hilton recently installed small gyms within their hotel rooms, so consumers could stay healthy on vacation without even leaving their rooms. The gym includes a wide variety of fitness accessories, exercise video tutorials, an indoor cycle, a TRX band, a floor meditation chair and a hydration station. While the hospitality industry puts extra emphasis on relaxation, Hilton’s new addition allows consumers to stay relaxed and continue their fitness routines at the same time.

REI Black Friday

As an outdoor company, there’s nothing surprising about REI’s focus on health and wellness for their customers, but on Black Friday they proved that their commitment to the wellbeing of their employees was greater than their need to make a profit. On Black Friday, REI closed their doors and encouraged customers to #OptOutside. Their bold campaign gave over 12,000 employees the day off to spend time outdoors with family and friends, without forgoing pay. They also encouraged customers to do the same. They donated to outdoor programs and charitable organizations and even created a list of the 50 best cities to #OptOutside in.