Introducing TEAM’s Virtual Content Studio

In today’s environment, many corporations have been scrambling to reframe the way they interact with their key audiences – indeed, the way they conduct business as a whole.

With physical events and engagements implausible (if not impossible) for the time being, virtual meetings of all sizes and shapes have been standing in for the real thing. Admittedly, some have worked better than others, some have fallen a bit flat and some have been flat-out awful. Replicating a live experience within a digital environment is highly nuanced and requires more than a webcam and an internet connection to execute well.

Bring all of your event needs to life.

Town halls, distributor meetings, press briefings, product launch announcements, training sessions, award ceremonies, retailer presentations – any need to share information or materials with others can be executed using the Virtual Content Studio (VCS). See video clip above for reference.

A more robust and engaging presentation platform.

Our VCS can integrate with existing virtual meeting technology to create a more immersive, engaging and interactive event. It can allow for multiple presenters from multiple locations or “sets”, and multimedia content integration and presentation; we have the ability to “remote” people into the broadcast from anywhere in the world.

An easy-to-use interface that’s platform agnostic.

The VCS can integrate with Teams, Zoom, On24, BlueJeans, etc., however, it can also be more securely built for web-based viewing within your company’s website or even at a custom link.

Virtually unlimited attendees.

Upwards of 10,000 participants and 100 presenters can join with existing platforms, or an infinite number of viewers with a custom web stream. Our team can have complete control of audience features, monitoring and moderating live chat, orchestrating engagement components and other elements as desired.

Broadcast quality production with all the bells and whistles of a virtual soundstage.

The VCS is a live event, delivered virtually. It utilizes production-grade equipment intended for a premium broadcast, and a back-of-house studio suite built to support physical events. The technology allows you to switch between locations and content seamlessly, to swap out presenters, sets and media at will. It also allows for mixed reality; imagination is really the limit in this format.

Local and global at the flick of a switch.

The broadcast itself is streamed from our South Florida production facility, but participants can can engage from anywhere around the globe, and presenters can join via remote studios we set up at corporate offices or virtual studio kits we send to allow them to join from the comfort of their home. We can also have multiple presenters, in full frame, on one virtual stage.

Let us help with all the details – that’s where the magic is.

Our creative and production support teams can assist with content creation, presentation development, set design, script-writing, rehearsals. We provide technical support, production oversight and staffing, talent management, sound design and audio accompaniment. All of the elements audiences and guest have come to expect and enjoy from a live event are available through this virtual platform.

Costs and timing tied to size, scale and complexity of your run-of-show.

The required lead time depends largely on the size and scale of the show, including the number of presenters, volume and complexity of graphics and visual content and quantity of sets or locations. A small-scale event can be turned around in about 10 days once we have an approved brief; more involved shows could require about 4-6 weeks of preparation time.

Pricing is also dependent upon the above factors, generally speaking, VCS is typically a fraction of the cost of producing traditional live events.

Interested in learning more? Call Sean O’Toole at 305.338.3035