TEAM Welcomes Will Freyre as Head of Strategy and Innovation

As experiential marketing evolves to become more expansive and digitally focused, TEAM Enterprises is excited to welcome Will Freyre as Head of Strategy and Innovation.

Will is a recognized leader in the advertising and communications space, with more than two decades of experience in creative direction, marketing strategy, and digital innovation. His career includes leading multidisciplinary teams for agencies such as WOW MKTG, República, and Zubi Advertising. Will has earned a reputation for excellence in delivering award-winning campaigns, websites, applications and experiences for top brands such as Google, Facebook, Intel, Absolut, Chivas, Ford, Lincoln, Budweiser, M&M Mars, CVS Health, and many others.

Will has also been leading the development of interactive projects for clients in the VR and AR space, continuing a history of helping brands innovate their marketing approaches using new media. This approach will be applied to Team as he works cross functionally with creative, account service, digital engagement and production departments. Will has also developed deep knowledge and passion in multicultural marketing & diversity and inclusion.

Will is always open to talk shop over a local craft beer and has a weakness for good, hole-in-the-wall taco or BBQ spots. The only thing he’s done longer than his marketing career is ride a skateboard and can be found regularly, riding local skate parks with his kids. Will geeks out on a variety of other things including tech, art, music, and a pandemic-induced obsession with cooking.