Bacardi // NAM Virtual Conference

Annual planning with sales & distributor teams - in the midst of a pandemic.


Twice each year, Bacardi travels their key sales and distributor teams to a desirable travel destination, for a week-long planning meeting. This fall, with COVID-19 making gathering in-person impossible, we needed to create a safe environment for the national sales and distributor team to be able to connect with Bacardi brands to begin discussions for the 2022 fiscal year. 


With people unable to travel to participate, we pivoted into the virtual realm and created the critical conference via our Virtual Content Studio. We employed virtual event best practices to ensure that attendees and presenters would stay engaged and participate throughout, and added some special human touches to make attendees feel connected, despite the distance. 


First, we created a website hub that would house the event broadcast, and pre-populated it with materials which the sales teams were required to read/review prior to the meetings. This allowed us to keep the meetings to 1 hour per brand, and for the first time these meetings were more collaborative brainstorm sessions, where the sales teams could connect more with each brand team to create new KPIs and sales goals. We then prerecorded content with executives to kick off each day’s sessions. On the event days, the website featured the pre-recorded plenary sessions and also housed the zoom links for region breakouts, as each region had two events a day. 

We also created and sent out kits to all attendees in advance of the event, featuring cocktail ingredients and recipes to create their own themed drinks, to share a virtual toast during a welcome reception.  

Quick Stats

All told, we produced 5 days’ worth of branded discussions, 50 breakout session for the US, and 20 breakout sessions for Canada. Our virtual event was produced for less than 20% of the cost of the typical in-person program. The brand and sales teams were all very satisfied and found the virtual format to be incredibly efficient. And productive

What We Did

Creative & Design
Virtual Event Production
Web Development
Kit Fulfillment