Cazadores // The Altar From Arandas

Honor them well on Dia De Los Muertos.


How can a tequila brand celebrate Día de los Muertos and the launch of a limited edition bottle in an authentic, culturally cognizant and impactful way?


Develop a heartfelt experience to teach consumers how to celebrate their loved ones on Día de los Muertos by giving them the context of the holiday and the tools with which to honor them well.


Tequila Cazadores launched The Altar From Arandas, an intimate on-premise experience that made its way across the West Coast and taught consumers how to “Honor Them Well.” It visited three key brand markets: Austin, Phoenix and ultimatey San Diego for the Old Town San Diego Día de los Muertos festival.

We worked with Victoria Villasana, the artist behind the brand’s 2019 Limited Edition Día de los Muertos bottle, to transform a 1958 camper into a Mexican-inspired enclave, because the one thing most altars have in common is that they’re always found in someone’s home.

Upon arriving, visitors were prompted to print a photo of a loved one and weave it with colorful yarn in the style of Villasana’s work. They brought their photo inside the camper, where a catrina, or sugar skull, recited a cheeky but emotional script that taught them about the holiday and called on them to remember their loved ones in a new, celebratory light. In the end they raised small clay pots of Tequila Cazadores up to the heavens, recited a special toast and learned how to “Honor them well.”

They left with a candle and matches so they could build their own alters at home and a drink token to raise their spirits as they sipped on Pomegranate Palomas and Margaritas.


This program proved that you could activate as a brand during a sensitive cultural holiday by using empathy, not selling points, to help them celebrate in a way that’s tonally appropriate and impactful. 

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