Florida Blue // Augmented Reality Heart

Making heart health fun.


We all know heart health is important, but it’s hard to get people to learn about it, especially during the Florida Blue Florida Classic, the annual college rivalry game between Bethune-Cookman and Florida A&M. How could Florida Blue generate new leads and teach people about their hearts?


Tchotchkes and pamphlets weren’t going to cut it. We needed to gamify the experience to make learning about heart health fun.


We created the Amazing Heart Race, an augmented reality video game that taught consumers about their bodies and the function of their hearts.

Consumers held iPads up to a life-size heart sculpture to begin the experience, boarding a “blood cell buggy” to race against three other players through the ventricles of a large human heart. As they drove through chambers and arteries, they collected “goodies” like broccoli or sleep, which gave them strength, speed and additional points, but avoided “baddies” like fast food and soft drinks, which affected them negatively. Family and friends could cheer their friends on as the race was streamed live on Instagram and leaders were featured on the leaderboard. By gamifying heart health, Florida Blue was able to generate leads through a fun experience  at one of the biggest football games of the year.

What We Did

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