Google // OK Google

Search giant goes to NYC IRL and gets analog to launch a new product.


How do we use the power of curiosity to generate buzz and get people excited about the OK Google App launch in NYC?


We proposed a non-traditional media placement strategy to install unique. From custom bowling balls in Brooklyn Bowl to a neon sign at Katz’s Deli, we wanted New Yorkers to re-look at familiar landmarks–both big and small–in a new light.


We permitted, fabricated, printed, and installed 30 never-been-done-before installations in just three weeks, weaving Google into the fabric of New York City for an entire month. By pairing interesting questions with visually intriguing placements, we cut through the sights and sounds of the city that compete for coveted consumer attention.

A group of producers was deployed to NYC for two months to scout and identify venue opportunities. Leveraging our NY field structure and local venue contacts/realtors, we were able to get in front of the real decision makers (i.e., Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, etc.). TEAM managed and negotiated all venue contracts, and worked with various municipalities to pull necessary permits.

All 30 installations took place over 3 days. We had a daily deployment of photographers to capture and report the state of each installation for quality control. Any damages to the installations were repaired or replaced within 12 hours.


We proved that a giant company like Google can connect with people on a more personal and playful level.

We increased the daily average of app usage by 10%

Reached up to 5.2M app queries per day.

Won Adweek’s #1 non-traditional promotional campaign award

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