Immersive Theatrical Experience

How do we connect the real story of Havana Club to an audience that believes only Cuba produces real Cuban rum and convince them that although distilled in Puerto Rico, Havana Club is #forevercuban?

Inspired by the true story of the Arechabala family, “Amparo” portrays the exile journey faced by the original owners of Havana Club and reaffirmed its Cuban legacy. Combining education and artistry, this immersive theatrical experience is packed with history, high drama, live music and dancing and bespoke cocktails.

The cast, crew, and creative team behind “Amparo” are all deeply rooted in Cuba. The performance was particularly meaningful to them as they have faced similar stories of exile and have carried Cuba with them across continents and generations.

Along the journey, travelers experienced pivotal moments in the Arechabala family story that have defined the exiled Havana Club Rum brand. These emotionally charged scenes unveiled, for the first time, not only the injustices that the Cuban regime performed against the Arechabala family, but also the family’s long legacy. A legacy that the regime tried to erase, but which history has recorded.

Central to the experience, travelers followed Ramon Arechabala, who managed to take his family’s recipe with him, out of Cuba. Ramon shared that recipe with Bacardi to ensure a future for what his family had made and what had been stolen from them. With “Amparo,” Bacardi is honoring that legacy.

Program Design

People will forget your witty hashtag and your latest campaign,

but they will never forget how you made them feel.