Havana Club // AMPARO

Taste the Real Havana Club and become part of the story.


How do we connect the real story of Havana Club to an audience that believes only Cuba produces real Cuban rum, and convince them that although distilled in Puerto Rico, Havana Club is #forevercuban?


AMPARO is an immersive, ticketed immersive theatrical experience that transported audience members to 1958 Cuba where they followed 32 actors through mutliple storylines to live through the saga of the Arechabala family and the original HAVANA CLUB Rum. The show was engineered to engage guests both individually and in group settings.

For 90 minutes, guests danced on the beaches of Varadero before the revolution. They witnessed the theft of the HAVANA CLUB distillery, lived through unlawful arrests as the family watched in horror. Some were separated from their larger groups to train with revolutionaries, while others witnessed the shooting of a soldier as he opened his eyes to the disillusionment of the revolution. Finally, they made the ocean voyage that millions of Cubans before them, including family members, had already made, saying goodbye to Cuba forever. Cocktails were served before, during and after the show, tying powerful moments to the taste of the rum.

To get the word out and drive ticket sales, we used OOH billboards, bulletins and taxi stoppers. Media alerts were sent to local, Hispanic, and theatrical media publications to invite them to experience the show. Consumers visited our brand-owned microsite to choose their route and buy tickets. Organic amplification was our ultimate goal, and our audience members delivered. As People En Español put it, AMPARO was “Miami’s Hottest Ticket.”


#1 rated experiential program ever tested by Bacardi

100% sold out for 8 months

$3.1M in ticket revenue

25,000 guests attended

2B in media impressions

300M social impressions

What We Did

Creative & Design
Event Activation
Influencer Programming
Social Amplification
Content Creation
“This is the most impactful campaign I have seen from Bacardi”
Pete Carr
Bacardi North America