Lonhala Magnair // Rooms to Breathe

Help physicians feel right at home with a new product.


In a marketplace crowded with products, it was important to educate doctors about LONHALA MAGNAIR so that they could see how different this treatment was from other COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) options available. In order to do so, we needed physicians to understand the key features that differentiate LONHALA MAGNAIR from other products on the market.


Bring physicians inside the home of patients treating COPD so that they can witness the unique features of the product firsthand and see and experience how LONHALA MAGNAIR actually better fits into patients’ lives.


A 2-day experience that took place at the 2018 CHEST conference in San Antonio, Texas. At the conference, physicians entered the venue space to see a 5000-square-foot house. The front yard mimicked a typical home with beautiful, minimalistic landscaping, a LONHALA MAGNAIR branded mailbox, and even a welcome mat. Tour guides greeted physician participants out front and led them inside the house. As everyone gathered in the living room, guides passed out information and welcomed participants. Guides then took groups of physicians on a house tours. Each of the 5 rooms of the house was themed to bring a unique feature of the product to life, with a patient actor stationed in each of the rooms. Patients acted out various daily activities (some while using the device) in order to demonstrate how LONHALA MAGNAIR fits into their daily lives. One bedroom even featured a patient packing his suitcase for a vacation, highlighting the product’s compact, portable design that allows patients to take their medication with them. The LONHALA MAGNAIR Experience was an immersive educational program never before seen in the COPD community.


Physicians had never participated in such an innovative experience in the healthcare space, and as a result, they were able to see LONHALA MAGNAIR as a truly innovative product for their patients.

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"This learning experience as a whole was engaging and informative and I would definitely recommend this experience to my peers."
Participating Physician