Miller Lite // Know Your Beer

A nationwide blind beer taste test that let the beer speak for itself.


How do we bring a competitive sampling program to life for the new Millennial beer drinker, engage one million people across the country, and showcase that Miller Lite has more taste and is better than Bud Light, but without the heavily branded marketing speak?


Most believe all light beer is the same. Bud Light tends to be the default in bars, not Miller Lite. And many don’t realize that Miller Lite offers more taste, with half the carbs and fewer calories than Bud Light.  Our primary objective was to drive brand consideration and create a that “ah-ha” moment to snap people out of complacency. We presented people with an in-bar experience that allowed them to taste Miller Lite and Bud Light side-by-side, but without any loud, flashy, or heavily branded Miller Lite marketing-speak.


Create an unbranded beer education program, designed to encourage drinkers to learn more about how to evaluate beer through a blind taste test. Strip away the marketing, just let the beer speak for itself, and it will rise to the top more often than not. The size and scope of this program is a differentiator from many other experiential sampling programs. Know Your Beer (KYB) events were executed in over 42 states including Hawaii and Alaska. Over 20,000+ events took place in over 6,000+ key On-Premise accounts where Miller Lite is served across the country.


Engaged one million drinkers on one-to-one

72% of people chose Miller Lite

Purchase intent increased by 11%

Sales are up with 7.7% lift in volume

What We Did

Creative & Design
Event Activation
National Event Staffing
Social Amplification
“It’s positive for the consumer, helps boost sales for the (bar or restaurant) and drives purchase intent for the entire category. This program is helping restore respect to American light lagers as a whole.”
Courtney Bryant
Marketing Manager
Miller Lite