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Re-framing the way brands interact with their key audiences by evolving the virtual event space.


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experiential marketing as we know it came to an abrupt halt. Organizations that traditionally relied on physical events to engage with their key audiences suddenly lost the ability to do so, making it all but impossible to meet their business and marketing objectives. We needed to develop a safe and innovative way to connect clients with their constituencies, and quickly.


Harnessing best-in-class broadcast production capabilities, TEAM developed the Virtual Content Studio, or VCS. The VCS platform can accommodate live (or simulated live) interactive meetings, events and presentations, seamlessly bringing people “together” from anywhere in the world using green screen technology, and placing them into dynamically designed 2- or 3-D environments that mimic physical stages and spaces. We can integrate with existing virtual meeting technology to host events, or we can house the broadcast in a custom microsite, which allows for enhanced content integration, personalization and tighter security controls. We even offer engagement and networking opportunities for attendees, to help recreate some of the human connection that is all-too-often lost in many virtual meetings.

Our integrated creative and production teams can support with all aspects of the experience, just as if we were producing a live event.

What the VCS is Best Suited For

TEAM’s Virtual Content Studio is a great solution for any meeting or event where production value is important, and when information needs to be delivered to a large number of people in an engaging manner. Examples include conferences and conventions, town halls, training sessions, award ceremonies, sales meetings, retailer or distributor presentations, product launch announcements – and more.

What We Did

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