Tidal Brand Launch

A wave of concerts and events for TIDAL

The first ever artist-owned global music and entertainment platform, TIDAL’s goal, simply put, is to create a better music service and a better listening experience for fans and artists alike.

TEAM was asked to develop an “edu-tainment” street tour that would bring TIDAL to the masses and get music enthusiasts to sign up to the “pay to listen” service.

To engage with this very discerning audience, we conducted rigorous interviews to identify the perfect leads in each market and then carried out extensive training so that they could not only walk consumers through the new interface, but be able to speak to new and popular music trends.

Within six months, TEAM has executed over 30 major events for TIDAL – from street corner blitzes in New York City to private record release parties in Las Vegas to festivals such as Made in America, and converted over 1 million subscribers to the service to date.

People will forget your witty hashtag and your latest campaign,

but they will never forget how you made them feel.