YouTube // Pop-Up Studio

One epic week of music making, business shaping, and idea sharing.


How do we motivate and encourage YouTube’s next generation of content creators to stay active on the platform and engage their followers?


Create a hype house for the local music industry in Miami. Provide artists and creators with tools and training to produce best-in-class content and create a social-by-design environment prime for networking and forming new alliances/collaborations.


Host a pop-up hype house in Miami, with a live recording studio, multiple break out areas for workshop programming, idea sharing and collaborations, and a rotating studio with multiple music video sets for emerging artists from North and South America. The areas and spaces designed served as a source of inspiration and made collaboration enjoyable. Creative producers were on hand to style sets and rearrange areas to match each artists’ vision and aesthetic. This environment helped create easy flowing interviews where artists shared experiences and insights reserved for smaller circles more freely. Real value was created for artists and the lessons learned will be applied to their future work thanks to YouTube’s support for the craft and commitment to helping artists progress.

Quick Stats

5 days

10 Music Videos

12 Artist Spotlight Videos

6 Performance Videos

11 Interviews

What We Did

Creative & Design
Event Activation
Influencer Programming
Social Amplification
Content Creation